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You’re at the head of a franchise model. The concept is strong, profits are buoyant, and you’re looking to bring on more people to further the brand’s ambition. So how do you go about the ideal franchising recruitment drive? What should you search for, and which traits determine how well someone may perform and uphold your values?

From an executive headhunter’s perspective, there are certainly things to measure, analyse and query. We’re laying them out here. Franchise candidates need to exhibit the following skills…

A talent for leadership

This is a franchisee’s most vital component. Although they may start on their own, or with a handful of colleagues, they must be confident to lead a growing team. Your shortlisted candidates shouldn’t be afraid to tell you how and why they love to head a group dynamic.

Does the CV match such a claim? Even if the potential franchisee has never been in a senior position, their background should involve direct project management or ad hoc leadership credentials. Experience of aiming for targets and KPIs is also desired. Essentially, you want to have confidence that they not only can lead a workforce, but actively want to. In an ideal situation, it would be backed by performance measurements too.

An adaptable professional ethic

Franchisees must ultimately bend to the overarching control of their franchisor. Although they should make the most of their freedom – which, of course, you’ll explain during training – there are limits to bear in mind and a brand identity to adopt. The best candidates are able to say how they’ve stuck to internal or external communications guidelines in the past, as well as service or B2C best practices, in preparation for their franchise role.

Listening skills are essential. With the help of an executive headhunter, you can evaluate how well a candidate is taking things on board, or whether they’re simply nodding for the sake of it. Franchisees will likely demonstrate what they’ve learned before you sign the contract over anyway. But from the sourcing stage, it’s wise to find those who already have excellent listening skills – a senior recruiter ensures you waste no time on those who don’t.

A natural urge to network

Too many people think franchising is a business in a box that, when opened, bestows immediate profit. You know this isn’t the case, but does the franchisee? They have to be made aware of the push to network and connect with local clients or customers. Anyone on the shortlist must be prepared to get to know others, identify demand, and monitor progress down a sales funnel.

This is far easier when an executive search consultant comes into play. We move in some of the most desired professional circles in the UK, and the contacts we meet tend to have made waves in one area or another. They are personable, articulate and hungry for new experiences. SPE Resourcing can gather these individuals for a prospective franchise role.

Speak to us for more information on hiring and growing a business. We can place the best people in the positions that will take your company further.