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A company that knows what it stands for, and what it can give people, is the cream of the crop when it comes to an executive search.

Take area managers, for instance. They’ll be bearing a lot of responsibility and they’ll want a few things in return. This goes far beyond a good salary, too, if you’re seeking the best candidates.

Since our job is partly about advising on, distilling and expressing your offer, let us give some tips for bringing the best area managers in the UK on side.

Spare the time to meet people

If you want someone to truly get under the skin of your business, it’s so important to meet them in person.

Let’s say a candidate is intrigued once we’ve laid out the role for them. They’ll research the brand, review their skill set, and start to think about their potential impact on what you do. Yet this enthusiasm may wane if you’re unresponsive.

A couple of meetings is all it takes for someone to feel a connection to your culture. It shows you’re approachable, interested, and willing to describe the opportunity in your own words.

Give flexible hours, holidays and maternity or paternity leave

There’s no getting away from it – we live in a world in which corporate perks, more so than ever, can set apart your role from the rest. Area managers may have to put in a fair amount of overtime. To give them the incentive to do so, it’s best to grant rewards or flexi-time when the moment calls for it.

Split maternity/paternity clauses, earlier or later shifts depending on their lifestyle, bonuses for great performance across several sites… There are many incentive models to explore.

Set up financial securities

Health or life insurance is never a bad addition to the contract. Furthermore, it may be good to explain what may happen if – hypothetically – the company goes bust in the future. Will the candidate have a guaranteed redundancy package?

Some employers skip these details when they’re preparing an official hiring document. But the small print definitely matters. It’s useful for allaying misgivings, especially if the candidate’s personal circumstances require this level of job security.

Find executive headhunters with a difference

At the end of the day, managing a recruitment drive that gets the best results can be very difficult. That’s why a senior recruitment firm, such as SPE Resourcing, can prove so useful if you’re seeking to fulfil an area manager role.

Instead of adding more pressure to your in-house team, let us handle the process from the very first call to the final shortlist. We’ll come to know your business as if we’re a part of it, translating its values and culture well enough to attract only the most suitable candidates.

Keen to get started and fill that area manager placement? Speak to us today. We’re more than ready to play matchmaker.