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A futureproof business is one built to sell. Whether you’re thinking of moving on in the near future or not, your success will be limited unless you’ve given thought to the sustainability, profitability and autonomy of your operations.

So with this in mind, how do we ensure that a brand is sellable? And how do we keep it performing at its best right now?

The answer lies partly in partnering with executive headhunters to source senior talent for the times ahead. After all, a business is only as good as its people… So here are some recruitment tips on getting the right team in place to help your ambitions take off.

Make yourself dispensable

It’s fair to say that most founders find it tough to let go of what they’ve nurtured for so many years. They’re like an ageing parent, still eager to lead or micromanage a child’s life whilst refusing to believe that their creation has almost grown up.

The truth may hurt. But test it out; the business may not require your close attention anymore. If it doesn’t, that’s great news for a potential sale. Buyers want room to man the fort without you. They reason that – should the brand already function on its own, grounded in a solid management structure – a smoother transition is guaranteed. 

Hire people better than you

Again, honesty is critical when making decisions for the good of the company. Senior recruiters can ascertain who, theoretically, may be able to fill the gaps in in your own skills. Whether it’s administrative duties, financial planning, technical know-how or a magnetic sales figure, there’ll be someone who can pull a rabbit from their hat, in terms of the talent you’ve been lacking so far.

Then the search can begin – but only if you’re willing to say what you may be struggling with. It’s okay: executive headhuntersare used to sitting down, talking, and fishing for your hopes and fears, offering their take on the brand’s sellable factors. We guide you to the necessary change, even if you don’t know it yet.

Ensure the board is balanced

What do we mean by this? Ultimately, it’s about the combined attributes of those who’ve been pulled together for the good of the business. The financial experts, the creatives… anyone who brings a specific background, tactic or commercial affinity to the table. The same goes for senior figures who tell the board what’s happening, why, and how it affects them.

Board of director positions are hard to secure. Business looking to sell or secure investment need people who can mediate effectively between these members and the company at large. By using executive search consultants, you’ll find the right people that work well together towards a single vision

This is something that executive headhunterscan also advise on, as well as your organisation’s next steps towards specialist leadership… The more capable your top-level figures are, the better you can prepare for a handover in the future, selling for a sum you deserve.

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