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Doing the same job, for a vastly different company, can bring a much-needed dose of rejuvenation to a career. In 2017, Daniel helped an Operations Director find his sense of excitement within hospitality once again…

When I first got the call, I was working at the top level of a popular, inner-city pub chain. 13 years had secured my knowledge of the market; it seemed time to move on, and Daniel getting in touch at that time was pure coincidence. I was ready to listen to his original proposition – bringing my experience to a wholly new industry.

Daniel gave me an overview of the opportunity, and stressed that there was no hurry to say yes or no. At the same time, I was eager to meet the Managing Director who was trying to fill the position. However, due to various, the date kept being pushed back. Daniel did his best to facilitate contact, but it was out of his hands: the MD ended up leaving for another brand, and things fell through.

It’s important to say that I was never given a false promise… Daniel and I went for coffee shortly after our initial conversation, where he explained that nothing was 100% certain. This honesty was something I didn’t expect. Most recruiters, from past experience, offer the world before asking where you’d like to fit in it. SPE Resourcing never treat you as a paint-by-numbers candidate. That meant the sincerity of his advice felt good enough to trust.

As we talked, I began to sense that Daniel was laid-back about the whole prospect, which had a calming effect on me. Plus, it helped that we got along so well! When the first role fell apart, he introduced me to his contacts and opened many doors. This banished any lingering doubts about senior recruitment. We stayed close, and I said that if any opportunities arose, I’d prefer to stay in Harrogate, my home town.

That’s exactly what Daniel did: when an Operations Director position at Greene King came to light, I was front of mind. He told them exactly what I wanted, explained my professional values, and gave a real portrayal of who I was. Soon after, I met with Greene King’s senior leaders in person, and they invited me to take charge of a nationwide country pub chain.

Thanks to SPE Resourcing, I now manage a larger brand that’s focused on a homely, down-to-earth market. I’m loving the change of pace that comes with working in the same role for such a different company.

Daniel’s a shrewd judge of character, and he has a long-term commitment to the goals of the candidates he represents. I would strongly recommend picking up the phone if he calls!

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