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Our candidates often become clients when they find their feet in a new role. That’s the case for an Operations Director we helped place at a pub group. She’s setting the stage for a transformative business culture, and is using SPE Resourcing to find those who’ll see it through…

A recruiter in London passed me Daniel’s name. “If anyone knows anything about your ideal career change,” I was told, “it’d be him.” So I got in touch, and our conversations were better than I’d ever imagined.

My background didn’t seem like the best fit for the pub group on paper – much of my experience was in retail, fine dining and on the high street. But Daniel is unique. In his eyes, personality and a sense of loyalty count just as much as a CV. I’d never worked with pubs before, but he was adamant I had the qualities for the position. We spoke a lot about emotional intelligence; the brand needed to retain this as it underwent the changes ahead.

A private equity-backed company acquired the business recently. Till now, the pub group – which has dozens of sites in the South East – has been a family-run affair. Their success so far has been largely thanks to that sense of warmth they were able to create. Yet from an operational standpoint, there were improvements to make.

Daniel brought me into the fold to manage this transition. I’m at the top of a huge restructuring plan – and we require senior figures who can run each site with a very personable management style, as well as a good head for numbers and processes.

These are the same qualities that SPE saw in me. I have no doubt whatsoever that Daniel and his team will use their best instincts once again when sourcing Area Managers and other key roles for us. I’m two weeks into my new position, and I’m not sure how many people we’ll need, but I know the quality will be exactly right. Pubs are in the ‘people business’ – something that’s central to SPE’s own professional ethic.

Things are moving quickly. It’s giving the private equity-backed business and the original pub group members confidence that we’re going to grow this brand as far as we can. I’m so pleased at the momentum behind our strategy in 2019. We couldn’t ask for any finer expertise to help us with that.

There’s no doubt in my mind that, should we call Daniel again in a few years, he’ll snap into action. When you find a group like SPE Resourcing, you know you’ve found something special. And that, really, is what separates this service from any other.

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