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You’re sitting in your office. There are multiple projects on the go, all held under your leadership. Work is either everything you wanted it to be, an increasing chore, or something in-between. Suddenly an email lands in your inbox, or your mobile rings – it’s a headhunter, are you receptive to a call?

No matter what your current situation, don’t ignore them. This conversation could change your life. Executive headhunters find people like you for a reason; by speaking to them, you’re staying open to opportunities, even if you hadn’t considered them.

Here are the main reasons why you should always take that call…

This could be a fantastic offer

Executive headhunters don’t beat around the bush. As specialists in retail, hospitality, and private equity, we’re constantly looking for talented individuals who can take responsibility in a leadership role, bringing their experience, knowledge and personality to a brand that’s already done great things.

You may think you are satisfied, but in a few moments, all of that can change. A headhunter can lead you to greater progression, a better culture, life-changing sums of money, and a role that actually uses your talent to its utmost and helps you fulfil your potential.

People don’t always know what they want until it’s there in front of them. Trust us – a headhunter’s call may surprise you, paving the route to an intuitive next step in your career.

Lay the ground for future networking

Even if you are in a dream role, things may be different in a year, five years, the next decade… Staying responsive to executive headhunters will make them think of you further down the line, when your goals or preferences undergo a potential shift.

This isn’t a certainty – you may indeed remain happy, comfortable and well-cared for in your current organisation. But what if you don’t? Being savvy and forward-thinking won’t hurt. We can’t predict the future, or where our personal ambitions may lead us.

We have worked with many people we first spoke to years, even decades ago. Indeed, a recent hire into a Private Equity backed business was a candidate we met back in 2005. That business has subsequently been sold and they realised a significant sum of money – it pays to network with the right people.

It’s a lot easier to keep in touch with executive headhunters you trust than try to catch the attention of one when you’re ready to make a move. Treat the call as your ‘intro’ to their network, where offers may lie ahead later down the line…

Ask the questions you’ve always wanted to

Anyone reaching out with senior management jobs will have a lot of experience in the industries they’re hunting for. So use that knowledge: ask the person on the other end of the phone where they think your strengths and best interests lie:

Are you paid fairly for the role you currently do? What are other businesses like to work for? What do board of director positions require? Which of your skills are transferable? How might a new sector refresh your attitude to work, or what does the employer do differently in regards to the company you already serve?

Don’t be shy. The call is there for your benefit, even if you don’t pursue the role immediately. At SPE Resourcing, our candidates have access to a select, tightknit group of incredible organisations. But it all starts with that call – we won’t make contact unless we consider you a match.

Your confidentiality is assured at all times and we insist on non-disclosure agreements being signed from the get-go.

Can you afford not to find out more – what have you got to lose?