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There’s no doubting the appeal of a fat wage packet. We all want to reward those who give us their time, energy and good business sense. Really, though, there’s more to your next executive search offer than the pound sign it carries. As an employer, you need to convince candidates that you are worth their allegiance through other factors, beyond the salary.

Join SPE Resourcing as we debate what those variables might be. As executive headhunters, we’re best placed to advise on what makes a role irresistible.

Culture matters

Companies adopt many management styles – there is no ultimate, hard-and-fast rule. Some businesses prefer to be laid-back, whereas others have a stricter, buttoned-up impression of what needs to be done. What does your culture say about the person you want to lead it?

Senior roles have to embody the values at the centre of your organisation. Colleagues will be looking to them for guidance on how to act, speak and deal with challenges. It’s very important to find someone who ‘gets’ the culture you’ve cultivated.

Simply put, the external and internal brands have to match up. If what you sell to clients or customers bears no resemblance to how the business is run, the senior management role won’t be as enticing.

Look to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs for inspiration. ‘Love and belonging’ sit in the middle of the emotional pyramid, which is followed by ‘esteem’ – we can’t foster one without the other. When your candidates are surrounded by decent, motivated people, they will feel better about themselves, and (by extension) the brand.

The power of your brand proposition

When embarking on the executive search process, you might be one of numerous brands competing for a small talent pool. We must recognise that the best catches can look elsewhere for a satisfying career move. So, what does your brand represent that’s unique?

Retail, hospitality, and private equity firms – or those in any industry, really – will be impacting society in a certain way. Perhaps the brand is solving an age-old problem. Maybe it is using the latest technology to make customers happier, freer or more informed. It could even be a proud flagbearer for environmental care.

By tapping into the brand’s proposition, you can appeal to someone’s specific characteristics. We all have our means of finding value in the world. Your company will, ideally, be meeting some of those needs. Maslow’s hierarchy is relevant again, because ‘self-actualisation’ is at the very top of his cognitive scale. Having an ideological purpose (when the baser needs of shelter, esteem and companionship are met) is the peak of our experience in a role we love.

Opportunities to make their mark

There’s no sense finding someone who’s intelligent, savvy and determined if they are boxed into a corner. Recruiting for senior manager jobs means we should be open to what new ideas can do for the business.

Some individuals might take risks. Their methods could be unorthodox. You don’t want a maverick, but timid candidates are just as poor when it comes to pushing your brand forward. Offering these individuals ‘more of the same’ does not make an attractive career proposal. People want to feel listened to and accepted, and they will gravitate towards roles that grant them independence.

We ask some of our candidates, “Would you rather seek forgiveness or permission?” It’s useful to stretch the boundaries. When we fail occasionally, we learn; those are the prospects your senior role shouldn’t be afraid of.

It’s clear to see that money is not the catch-all hook for your next worthy candidate. Maslow’s hierarchy is just one example of where we can find meaning in our professional lives. Millennials, in particular, respond well to roles with a lot of freedom and societal influence. Anticipate this, and you won’t have any problem attracting top talent.

SPE know exactly who could match your brand’s commercial outlook. To tap into 20 years’ of recruitment experience, call the SPE Resourcing team now. Cash is certainly a headline, but no opportunity ends there…