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In today’s world, we all have to market ourselves. Gone are the days in which our presence in a room defines who we are. With the advent of social media, blogs and, in particular, LinkedIn, there are more ways than ever to tell others that we’re smart, engaged and willing to compete.

Executive headhunters have the potential to introduce you to the role of a lifetime. Yet chances are slim that we’ll run into you at a networking event – a large share of our candidates fall onto our radar by causing a buzz on their own merit. Want to get noticed? Here’s how to place yourself in front of the top executive search firms in the UK.

Become a thought leader

Your industry will be awash with opinions and insight. Every day, hundreds of articles are published around the world, each of which has something to say on the sector you work within. By adding your own theories, reviews, forecasts and recommendations to the mix, you’re positioning yourself as an expert on the same topic.

That’s going to make executive headhunters sit up and listen to your advice. Thought leader pieces can take the form of regular blogs (once or twice a month), to be shared via LinkedIn, Twitter or other platforms. Direct-to-camera videos are another worthy medium for explaining your take on events as they occur.

You could try approaching industry sources, such as an online magazine with a certain pedigree, to see if they will publish your articles. Ask for a bio in the footnote of your article that leads straight to your LinkedIn account.

Stay vocal on social media

On a smaller scale, it’s advisable to treat social media as an extension of who you are – and what you stand for – as a businessperson. Threads, hashtags and sharing abilities are there to magnify what you’ve got to say. Follow accounts from the wider industry, and establish a conversation with those who are discussing similar themes.

Retweet articles you like. Launch a Q&A series for young workers moving up the ranks in your chosen sector. Craft a Twitter survey, asking for feedback regarding X or Y developments. The top executive search firms in the UK like to see that candidates are devoted to getting as wide a range of opinions as they can. 

It’s simple really: the more magnanimous you are, the better leadership qualities you’ll exhibit.

Attend industry conferences

An executive search researcher will know plenty of big players in their chosen field. SPE Resourcing, for instance, work with some of the leading employers in hospitality, leisure, private equity and retail, many of whom attend the biggest trade conferences in the UK.

Book a spot on a few events a year. They offer a real chance to make connections, get your name out there, and absorb industry knowledge from the horse’s mouth, as it were. Your identity can filter up the grapevine if people like what they see. By contributing and networking in these rare, sanctified business environments, executive headhunters may start to recognise who you are.

SPE Resourcing are a prime example of specialists who can put great, professional leaders on the path to a role they’ve been preparing for their whole lives. Follow our tips to broadcast your best qualities and we will be in touch… Until then, discover our candidate page to see more of what we expect from anyone looking at senior management jobs.