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Cutting ties with your recruiter following a placement is a zero-sum game. Top executive search firms, who may be filling your next leadership role over several weeks or months, can be an ongoing benefit to your business. We really are more than a quick route to a single senior hire…

SPE Resourcing like to work closely with our clients. It’s how we’re able to deliver exactly what you need.

Strong bonds? They matter in this line of expertise. Here’s why.

They’re there when you need them

You’ve probably put the phone down on a recruiter before. You may think they’ve picked the wrong time to get in touch, or they might be following up when you don’t see an immediate requirement for their help.

The thing is, you should neverhang up or shut a specialised recruiter down when they’re offering to help. Listen. Get to know who they are. It’ll lay the foundations for a beneficial future relationship, even if you don’t yet need their services.

In fact, by starting the conversation before you’ve firmed up a role, you can take advantage of industry insights and recruiting expertise that might challenge your perceptions of what you need in the first place. So when you are ready to take on key people within your business, you can be sure that you’re going down the right path.

Many recruiters work with their client base for years – they’ve seen those clients grow, not always without teething pains. They understand where you sit amongst your peers, so have an incredibly in-depth knowledge of your sector and can give honest and impartial advice.

Their network is huge

Executive search firmsapproach the hiring process in a completely different way to standard recruiters. For us, it’s not a case of scouring the web for CVs – it relies on drawing from our extensive network of talented individuals built over many years.

By maintaining relationships over time, we can keep you front of mind when encountering top talent – through introductions, at networking events, and through our dealings with other businesses.

In short, we are a talent resource you’ll come to deeply appreciate. The stronger the professional bond, the more likely we are to find the right fit for positions – even before they arise. Many of our clients give us a ‘watching brief’, which means we are continually thinking of you and your brand for everycandidate we meet. If we think they’re brilliant and a great fit for your business, you get the benefit of being the first to be notified, before they become available to other businesses.

They understand your needs

If you ask us, a solid recruitment relationship isn’t too different from a friendship that’s been through it all… You’ll become familiar with each other so that, if your needs change, the process is as straightforward and friction-free as possible. Some recruiters are transactional, we feel we are more than that. We’re proud to work with our clients, and proud to be an extension of their teams.

After every interaction, you and your executive search recruiterwill be building up this understanding of one another. That’s important for two reasons. One, you have the trust to speak your mind freely, knowing anything can be said. And two, it means we can personalise the candidacies, moulding them to your quirks and desires.

Shooting blind is no good – not for us, and not for the success of your executive search. We believe that longevity is the best policy. Make yourself known to us, and speak to SPE Resourcing today to fill your current or future vacant leadership roles.